Marz Jukebox

Release Date: October 12, 2017

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Lamar Lacañgan, better known by his stage name Marz JukeBox, is a 3 time music award nominated American singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer who is now part of the M.A.N.D.A.T.E. Records, Inc. family.

Raised in San Diego, California, Marz JukeBox has always had a strong message of passion and vision to share. Embracing his heritage as both African-American & Filipino, his family and friends knew him simply as ‘Mar’ and because he loved and often listened to the records ‘Big Daddy’ (his grandfather) would play around the house, he could recall and sing songs from great music legends such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley and many others. He grew up becoming the family Jukebox, hence the name ‘Marz JukeBox’.

Marz JukeBox had brief success signing to Hollywood Records, then a short stint with Sony and gained a bit more momentum when he and his group Kindred 3 signed to Red Hill Records where he toured alongside co-record and label mate Katy Hudson (Katy Perry). Marz recalls, “I remember her just being this teenaged blondie that played a guitar amazingly well; she loved to hear how I created harmonies and wanted me to teach her to sing soul music. Now she’s larger than life! It’s pretty amazing to see!” In addition, Marz has also hit the road with Toby Mac, Kirk Franklin, P.O.D. & many others.

When the record label folded, Lamar released his first solo record independently as ‘Marz JukeBox’. The record, self-titled “Marz JukeBox” earned him two music award nominations for both ‘Best Jazz Artist’, “Best R&B Artist’, and then another 2015 music award nomination for Co-Writing and Publishing another hit song ‘My Skies’ for Lauren Silva. In addition to his touring, Marz even had time to expand to film, acting and directing. You can catch a sneak peek of Marz (Lamar) on the movie screen in a cameo appearance alongside Carrie Underwood, in the blockbuster smash ‘Soul Surfer’, the life story of Bethany Hamilton.

Marz has expanded his passion for outreach with his non-profit The Live 4 Legacy Foundation which exists to encourage people, families, businesses and communities to live with Vision, Focus, and Purpose, and includes help to needy families with assistance around the holidays and throughout the year. His vision is infused with creating and leaving a Living Legacy for future generations to come.

When asked about the influences for the new music he’s creating, Marz replied, “Time. Now more than ever, in a time extremely divided we need something that can unite us. That’s what I hope people will take from the new music in this season of my life. I’m hoping to point people in the direction of Unity, Joy & Peace that surpasses all understanding. No matter where people are.


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